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Here is where you will find our forms .. click the link below for the application your looking for


Surrender Form

Please be advised that as of June 2015 there is a fee to surrender your reptiles. $40 surrender fee if reptile is surrendered without enclosure and supplies and $20 surrender fee if the reptile is surrendered with enclosure and supplies. Contact us for more info if clarification is needed.  Fees from time to time can be waved at our discretion.

Also please be aware that there can be travel cost as well if you are a distance away and require us to pickup


Adoption Form

All of our reptiles have an adoption fee associated with the adoption , this fee differs from reptile to reptile and is non negotiable.  We do not trade our rescues and we do not purchase rescues.


Volunteer Form

From time to time we are looking for volunteers , fill out our application if you are interested in volunteering with us and if we need your help we will contact you ,, thanks in advance !


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